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Tunap Premium 138 EGR Valve Cleaner

by Tunap
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  • Raises resinous and oily dirt in the intake
  • Solves carbon deposits
  • Reduces fuel consumption by clean components


  • Cleans carburettor interior and exterior
  • Rinses holes and jets
  • Cleansintake/throttlebodyareacomponents
  • To free all moving parts, especiallyexhaust gas recirculation valves
  • To remove heavily coked componentssuch as glow plugs and injectors


Spray the parts for cleaning, generously with the engine off and allow the active agent to work for 2-3 minutes. Then with running engine, rinse off loosened contaminants by spraying again with Product 138. Active agent remaining on surfaces acts as residual protection.

Only use for petrol engines!

Special Notes

With some throttle valve units it is advantageous to remove them in order to be able to best clean the underside of the throttle valve.