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Brand Guidelines

We are very thankful for any promotion you offer us. We will promote photos where our logo is used, where possible, which will gain you social media traction. 
However, please follow these guidelines, because our logo can be complex and can be printed badly, which then doesn't help us:
  • It is illegal to use our logo unless approved otherwise
  • Please always use the logo exactly as attached
  • Please review the eye in the bird that it's printed correctly, it can often be printed wrongly
  • The font or size of any parts of the logo should never try to be replicated or altered in size
  • If the "karting components" text is too small, remove it, please do not try to replicate it or make it larger
  • Either as multi coloured where it can be printed with multiple colours or
  • The flat logo which can be printed in one colour
  • Always insure the logos are not pixelated and artwork and print is only done by professionals

RGB colour of the primary purple #263B97. Secondary purples use transparency between 15-50%.

Flat version of the logo (for where you cannot print multiple colour - Link

Full version of the logo Link

CMYK. 100% C, 93% M, 0% Y & K.

Any questions relating to this or for permission for usage please contact Keaton Moss on