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Motorsil Iame Engine Sealant (Iame Liquid Gasket Arexon)

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SINGLE COMPONENT ELASTOMERIC - Motorsil D is a single-component elastomeric of acetic type, a red motor paste that forms a gasket of any thickness and allows to form dynamic and elastic couplings.
ADVANCED FEATURES - Arexons silicone paste vulcanizes at room temperature and has good resistance to temperature, water, humidity. It has excellent oil resistance and good dielectric properties. It is tear-resistant and has a high degree of vibration absorption. Resists mechanical stress.
EXERCISE TEMPERATURE - The operating temperature of our paste putty is from -70°C to +250°C, with tips of 300°C. Does not damage catalytic converters.
FIELDS OF USE - Arexons high temperature silicone is used to replace or as an adjuvant of any type of pre-formed seal. It is also suitable for engines equipped with a catalytic converter.
EASY TO REMOVE - Arexons Motorsil D red paste is a durable and well sealant high temperature silicone that is easy to apply but also to remove without damaging or causing damage.