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EM Technology Small Radiator 43cm X 18cm Complete With Fixing Kit And Blind

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MEASURE (MM): 180 X 435 X 40
WEIGHT: 2.250 KG

It is the smallest and lightest radiator in the catalog, weighing only 2.250 kg. This makes the EM-06 radiator the ideal choice for single-gear classes, when the outside temperature is not excessively high. The reduced weight is the result of not only the compact dimensions of the radiator, but also of the resistant materials used for the manufacture it, which allowed to decrease the thickness of the whole structure. The radiator has an angled upper and lower tank, a solution that allows to increase the surface of the tanks to further boost the overall cooling capacity. Their shape also improves flow characteristics, preventing the formation of pockets of hot water that could harm the efficiency of the radiator. Furthermore, the radiator core is now recessed into the structure of the radiator. This creates an edge that acts as a conveyor, optimizing the air flow and heat exchange capabilities. The water outlet fitting is tilted upwards with respect to the radiator and, when the radiator is mounted, is parallel to the ground, a useful feature to prevent the silicone hose from rubbing against the curbs.


To be used in:

icona primavera Spring (single gear)

 Summer (single gear)

 Autumn (single gear)

 Winter (single gear and KZ)

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